Unfortunately this artist is no longer active and we miss them dearly :'(



Sox Media

Weaving together intricate textural landscapes of melody and harmony, the instrumental four-piece sits in a space rarely occupied - not quite jazz and not quite classical, almost meditative and boasting heady grooves.

The quartet are Brisbane’s freshest jazz intake. Forming as an official band in late 2019, Aubergine have been enticing audiences with their mesmerising live performances, ensnaring listeners in the ebb and flow of what critics describe as a "spiritual jazz" songwriting style.

Keyboardist and songwriter, Oliver Hughes composes in a circular and colourful way, inspired by Erik Satie, Phillip Glass and GoGo Penguin. Henry Roebuck on bass guitar and Brad Williams on drums provide a foundation of contemporary hip-hop inspired grooves. While multi-instrumentalist Jamie Karl Stevens, provides a rich lead with an assortment of woodwind and brass instruments.

The band has big plans for 2020, kicking off by signing with 4000 Records, punters can expect a slew of singles and a cassette release to hit the speakers before the middle of the year. The quartet will also be bulking up their gig schedule and ensuring that no heads are left unbopped and no toes left untapped.


Oliver Gwilym Hughes - Keyboard
Jamie Karl Stevens - Alto Sax, Clarinet
Olivia Marlton - Tenor Sax, Flute
Henry Roebuck - Bass
Brad Williams - Drums


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