Edgar Hurley


Jordan Wearn

Edgar Hurley is a folk / singer-songwriter who creates delicate yet complex compositions elevated by a lyrically-driven delivery and an unassuming, intimate presence.

Hailing from the sleepy harbour town of Portsmouth in England and having settled in Brisbane since 2013, Jordan Wearn has been writing music as Edgar Hurley since early 2020. With three tracks already self-released, Edgar Hurley joins 4000 Records to release new single ’Sometimes’ featuring the wonderful Al Speers from their forthcoming debut album.

Jordan initially graced the Brisbane music scene with previous moniker Milow Pye, releasing a wonderful self-produced album entitled 'These Are Private Words Addressed To You In Public' in 2018, followed by double single 'Time Again' / 'I'm Alive' in 2019 as well as playing numerous shows and embarking on an East Coast album tour, rounding out the year by taking part in Brisbane City Council's QUBE Effect.

“It’s an absolutely pleasure working with 4000," says Wearn. "They are friends, colleagues, acquainted and kind. I am very thankful to work alongside those who tend to the craft so kindly.”


Jordan Wearn - guitar, vocals, percussion
Demetry Malahoff - bass


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