Endless Valley


Joseph Lynch

Stirring a cauldron of psychedelic, world and progressive music, Endless Valley immerse audiences in a world of grooves, guitars and otherworldly chants. Clad in red with faces hidden by masks, Endless Valley tell tales from the ancient lands of Nayivada.

​The name Endless Valley symbolises ocean floors that if emptied, would connect continents. Their sound ranges from driving, danceable rhythmic grooves to hypnotising layered melodies, with no end of borders challenged in between.

​The collective always seek to connect audiences with the ground they stand on, the air they breath and the people that surround them.

​The debut album Nayivada takes listeners through mystic melodies and folk inspired riffs that listeners of King Crimson, Goat and Kikagaku Moyo will connect with.


Luna - vocals, percussion
Cavell Schipp - rhythm guitar, vocals
Seb Ward - lead guitar
Brad Schipp - bass
Nicole Perry - drums


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