Flightless Birds Take Wing


Madeleine Cocolas & Marike Van Dijk

Flightless Birds Take Wing combine synth, field recordings, saxophone and piano, creating an eclectic ambient electronic sound encompassed by their self-proclaimed style: Tropical Ambient Bangers.

Meeting and blending talents in Meanjin / Brisbane, Marike and Madeleine have created audiences in NYC, Europe and Australia.

Madeleine's recent album Ithaca was nominated as an album of the month on NPR’s 'All Songs Considered' and as a renowned (Dutch) jazz saxophonist, Marike has released 3 critically acclaimed albums.

Fusing together ambient, jazz and field recordings, their sound draws extensively from Marike & Madeleine’s diverse musical backgrounds.


Madeleine Cocolas - piano, synths, field recordings
Marike Van Dijk - saxophone, synths, field recordings


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