Unfortunately this artist is no longer active and we miss them dearly :'(



Lachlan Douglas

Difficult to categorise, the Fingerless sound has been forged in experiments with acid folk, rock ’n’ roll, soundscapes, neo-psychedelia and electronica.

The Brisbane-based band is the brainchild of Marc Cheeseman. Along with Warwick Epiha, Zara Bennett and Johnny Pickvance, Cheeseman creates sprawling records that abound with character and lo-fi charm.

Having released two albums (‘5:18’ and ‘Organ Control) and an EP (‘Does It Really Though?’) as a solo endeavour before expanding to the current full band format for 2018s ‘Outhere’ album, Fingerless have been steadily dispensing singles from their forthcoming new album, the latest of which is the sci-fi alt. folk jam ‘Sympathetic Love’.

As with the band’s entire catalogue, the single is challenging to categorise. It’s a unique take on futurism influenced by the music of David Bowie, AIR, Broadcast and Daft Punk.

With the technical mastery of Darek Mudge (Tired Lion, Screamfeeder) and Bryce Moorehead (Violent Soho, Turnpike) at their backs, Fingerless are emboldened to tug at the fabric of expectation and continue to innovate and experiment.

"I love a band that keeps me on my toes," says John Russell (4000 Records). "Fingerless have previously hit me with psychedelic rock 'n' roll hoedowns, primitive outsider folk, wall of sound garage rock, and now they're blowing my mind with 'Sympathetic Love', a track that I defy anyone to put in a box!”


Marc Cheeseman - Guitar, Vocals
Warwick Eipha - Bass, Backing Vocals
Zara Bennett - Keys, Backing Vocals
Johnny Pickvance - Drums


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