Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts.


Alyssa Croyden

Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. are an instrumental trio who perform amp-and-pedal-worship as soundtrack to an unmade Spaghetti Western film. This takes the shape of long-form instrumental pieces that explore the many pathways to and from drone music, performed at punishingly high volumes, in the classic rock trio format of guitar, bass and drums.

Incepted as a duo in June 2016 and intending to play shoegaze influenced guitar-based drone informed by Americana music (Earth 'Hex', Ry Cooder 'Paris, Texas') the project soon evolved into a full band with a distinctive but familiar sound.

Their adoptive home of Goleby's Basement in Ipswich has long served as the band's rehearsal and recording space, a place that affords a free blending of ideas from each band member. While the influence of latter-day Earth is apparent, motifs are taken from Slowdive, Kayo Dot, early Sonic Youth, Norwegian black metal, Khanate, garage psych and Blue Note with an adherence to British folk revival ideas and a very well-defined bent towards stoner and sludge.

Only Deaf Is Real.


Zac Mitchell - Guitar
Nathan Goodger - Bass
Christian MSG - Drums


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