Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts.


Alyssa Croyden

Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. are an instrumental drums/bass/guitar band performing amp-and-pedal-worship drone music as a soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western film.

In June 2016 Zac Mitchell met Toni Russo who partnered up as a guitar duo intending to play shoegaze influenced guitar drone based upon Americana music (Earth 'Hex', Ry Cooder 'Paris, Texas'). They began rehearsing for a show Zac had booked. At this show in August 2016, an improvised soundtrack to the original film 'Nosferatu', the duo were joined onstage by Josh Dawson. The 3 mutually asked to form a full band.

This was the guitar/guitar/drums lineup that performed regularly at the Coronation Hotel in Ipswich between 2016-2018. Having set out to make a "proper" recording in late 2017 the band cajoled the assistance of Nathan Goodger, who runs the local Ipswich music shop Tone Town, as DIY studio engineer. It worked so well that Nathan joined as bass player. This new 4-piece completed recording of "Longevity I" in March 2018. The band played a few shows in this format before going to sleep October 2018, reawakening post-Summer 2019 with Josh (drums), Nathan (bass) and Zac (guitar). The band persists in this format.

Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. have always asked a free blending of music influences from band members. While the influence of latter-day Earth is apparent, expect motifs taken from Slowdive, Mayhem, Kayo Dot, early Sonic Youth, Khanate, Garage Psych and Blue Note that adhere to british folk revival ideas with a well- defined bent towards stoner/sludge.

Only Deaf Is Real.


Zac Mitchell - Guitar
Nathan Goodger - Bass
Josh Dawson - Drums


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