Local Authority


Henri Cash-Finlay

With one black leather boot planted in the past and another stomping towards the future, Local Authority are a post-punk influenced shoegaze band based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia.

Beginning a brief stint as the ambient bedroom recording experiment of Jacque McGill, by 2017 the idea had evolved into a full band with members Erica Sunnex and Lachlan Andrews joining the ranks and soon after, Local Authority was born.

In 2019 the band released their debut album Negative Space on 4000 Records, featuring locally lauded singles 'No Joy’ and 'Oil Rigs'. The record showcases the band’s particular affinity towards the 80’s and early 90’s alternative U.K music scenes. Equal parts of claustrophobic coldwave style mixed with delicate dreampop sensibilities. In 2021 Local Authority return with new member Kailan O’Dell and their latest single 'Forever, For Now'.


Jacque McGill - guitar, vocals
Erica Sunnex - bass, vocals
Kailan O’Dell - keys
Lachlan Andrews - drums


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