Marmaleene and the Moondusters


Brett Croese

Marmaleene and The Moondusters didn't even make it to a year as an active band. They exploded onto the Brisbane scene to play their first show in August 2017 and took their final tubular bow in June 2018. During that time, however, they garnered the love and attention of locals with their infectious jungle percussion, bone-rattling organ and high-riding, wah-wah worshipping guitar.

With one hand wrapped around a tiki cocktail and the other hanging ten, the trio cherry picks its flavours from the gardens of Dick Dale, Messer Chups, early Tarantino soundtracks and B-grade horror films. The self-titled release captures all seven of their studio recordings as well as a collection of their best live recordings.

Coming in at a burly 1hr 45mins, the double cassette will be all you need on your next road trip to the coast!

Back in 2010, Rebecca Aimee (keys) and Michael Leo (guitar) were jamming in the outer suburbs of Brisbane when three things happened...

First, Fender released an affordable stomp box version of their classic ’63 Reverb Tank which Michael ran out and bought. Second, Rebecca happened to be asked to look after a friend's Hammond keyboard for a few weeks while they went travelling.
Third, was simply, perfect timing. Michael had been creating music under the pseudonym 'The MoonDuster' and had just created a character called Marmaleene. Bec assumed the role and the story began.

With a shared love for vintage surfbeat, tiki exotica, jungle jazz, 60’s Psychedelia, and with new toys in their hands, they naturally gravitated their musical conversations towards playing "some sort of surf music." Fast forward a few years Rebecca and Michael were playing with The Bone Merchants, who had a drummer named Christian Puglisi. A sea monster on the kit, he was invited to jam on some of Michael and Bec's tunes and the trio was solidified.

The next year was spent rehearsing, playing regular shows in Brisbane (including supporting Cakefight, Some Jerks, The Double Happiness and many more) and in various recording studios.

Then, as quickly as they had arrived, they were gone. Leaving a giant hole in the music community, one that will never again see the likes of Marmaleene and The Moondusters.


Rebecca Aimee - Keys
Michael Leo - Guitar
Christian Puglisi - Drums


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