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Carles Gutiérrez-Sanfeliu was born in a small coastal village in the Mediterranean and trained in Literature and Music before moving first to England, then to south east QLD where they are now based.

Carles teaches, writes and performs as Sanfeliu. With a musical vision in a perpetual state of flux and migration, Sanfeliu's songwriting shows a keen interest in melody, texture, adaptation and improvisation, all expressed with an exquisite pop sensibility.

Carles has honed thier craft with live performances at independent boutique festivals (Yonder, Jungle Love, Forest Fuzz, 24HDroneFest, Oscilloscape) and in numerous residencies across south east QLD. Sanfeliu has also played played and collaborated with other local and international acts (Brothers Bukowski, Marcus Blacke, Hidrogenesse) and produced / staged / performed cabaret shows such as "Loco Love Songs" (2021) and "Pathetic!" (Brisbane Cabaret Festival, 2022).

Sanfeliu self-released their debut album Flores - Colores in 2021 with sophomore offering, To Absent Friends, released late in 2022 which continues Sanfeliu's sonic explorations with more intricate arrangements and friends lending lush instrumental touches to Sanfeliu's distinctive electro-acoustic sound.


Carles Gutiérrez-Sanfeliu


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