syrup, go on


Emily Puxty

Brisbane and Gold Coast based group syrup, go on stumbled into the world of bedroom recording upon receiving a hand-me-down interface from a guitar teacher. The project’s early days revolved around poorly recorded, reverb-soaked demos with dreams of mimicking shoegaze, dreampop and post-punk sounds.

Eventually, casual collaborations between brothers Tom and Kris Briese and Liz Dick produced songs reminiscent of bands like DIIV and TheSmiths with the journey to emulating their heroes resulting in the creation of their own sound.

The quintet can now be found taking to East Coast stages with their expansive and dynamic sound, embellished by rich psychedelic guitar layers, a hot-stepping rhythm and soaring vocals.

In the studio, the band have a staunch DIY aesthetic, with Tom taking the reins in his Butter House Studio with a curiosity-led approach to production. The ever evolving and boundary-pushing 5-piece continue to impress and delight fans of psychedelic dreamy guitar-based pop music.


Liz Dick - Vocals
Tom Briese - Guitar, Vocals
Kris Briese - Bass
Matt Rosin - Keys
Lachlan Scott - Drum


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