The Double Happiness


Karen Whelan

The Double Happiness ride high on their steeds through waves of their self-coined "surfgaze" sound - a compelling mix of surf, spaghetti-western, post-punk and shoegaze. The foursome create sonic earworms about beaches, ping pong, cities, existentialism, miscommunication, oysters and more.

The band wears an eclectic variety of musical influences on their paisley sleeves. Their songs pay homage to the genres that raised them but maintain a tangible connection to the timeless jangly guitar sounds of their hometown of Brisbane (Meanjin).

Their debut EP City (Valley Heat Records), released in 2018, became an instant 4ZZZ favourite with solid airplay around the country. Known for their lively reverb-drenched performances, they've enjoyed consistent gigging, including support duties for '90s UK giants The Charlatans.

In 2019 their beloved ode to Brisbane, 'No Place Like Nundah’, hit number fifteen in 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 and remains a singalong crowd favourite.

The quartet packed out The Outpost in early 2020 with the launch for the first single from their eagerly anticipated debut album Surfgazing (4000 Records). While 'Wild Bikini' is a high-energy beach romp, the album’s second single, 'Coochiemudlo', is a laid back surf lullaby to the small island off the south east coast.

The third single, 'Oysters Can Dream', washed up on shore amidst the first birthday celebrations for 4000 Records in October. The dream-inspired tune plunges into the salty depths of an oyster’s subconscious. If oysters dream, this is what it sounds like!

The band’s second long player, Roadhouse, showcases a new direction west. The signature guitar riffs again ride high, but through songs that could easily find themselves on a Tarantino soundtrack or performed late at night at the eerie Twin Peaks Roadhouse.

The first taste of the 2022 album was the saloon-ready wild west ballad ‘Smoking Gun’, an ode to the band’s love of spaghetti-surf-western twanging guitars which mixed in the heady lyrical themes of near death experiences and romantic close calls.

The Double Happiness’ live show is a joyous fusion of frenetic guitars, rumbling toms and pummelling bass. With vocal interplay that transports the crowd to that euphoric place beyond the land of whiskey-soaked saloons and leaves you wondering “Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?” and why is there so much sand in my boots?

Roadhouse will be available on LP, CD and digitally through boutique Brisbane label, 4000 Records.



Kristin (Black) Fergusson - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Fergusson - Guitar, Vocals
Adele Pickvance - Bass, Backing vocals
Simon Welchman - Drums