artwork by

Phoebe McNeill

Anhedonia Nights

The Holy Rollercoasters

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With roots harkening back to the origins of Gospel and a backbeat steeped in the glory days of 60s Northern Soul, 'Anhedonia Nights' will have the listener revelling in its punchy horn lines and catchy chorus well into the wee hours.

Inspired by the experience of seeing St. Paul & The Broken Bones at Bluesfest, Jimi wrote some lyrics about an agnostic man who feels he cannot provide the kind of love his Christian girlfriend needs, despairing that he may have reached the limit that happiness can provide. Once fleshed out, the lyrical content aptly calls to mind the psychological condition whereby one cannot feel pleasure: Anhedonia.

'Anhedonia Nights' continues the band's tradition of infectious funky soul rhythms, hard-hitting horn lines contrasted with heavy and introspective lyrical themes. As with many of The Holy Rollercoasters' songs, it started with Jimi bringing a few lines of lyrics and a basic melody to Andrew for his rhythmic finessing, giving Jimi space to finish the lyrics. This took place during sessions in Jimi's kitchen with resident cats Little Walter and Little Tweedy giving their final approval.

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