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J. Cyrus


Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts.

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'Batholith' and 'The Road To God' are the band's oldest songs, having been written decades before the band was formed. Nathan wrote 'Batholith' and Zac wrote 'The Road To God. The latter was recorded at the last minute during the 'Batholith' session. Both songs are single live takes of the band with no overdubs or editing, with all instruments and amplifiers in a single room.

These are the first recordings that were not complete D.I.Y. affairs; a brief but unique perspective captured during a transitional stage. The result is a band performing in a quality room with precision mic placement and engineered by someone at top of their game. This experience is the first step in a larger journey that all parties intend to continue.

Only Deaf Is Real.

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