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Emily Puxty & Tom Briese



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'Bookcase' is the new single from Meanjin/Brisbane band SGO (FKA syrup, go on).

The track sees the quintet exploring the darker reaches of shoegaze and dreampop whilst maintaining the ethereal sunset aesthetic of last year's 'Lavender Sky'.

Written by Kris Briese and Liz Dick over a few months in 2021 around the bones of a melancholic guitar riff, the two built the track through a coincidentally shared experience of ending relationships.

Naturally, the song became an avenue for exploring the themes of loneliness, isolation and loss. Rather than reflecting too deeply about the past or future, SGO’s take on the "breakup song" delves into the immediate thoughts and feelings experienced after an end to what was once a significant part of your life. It beckons the listener directly into the headspace of someone unsure of where their life is heading. The chorus line “maybe, it’s the start of something new – maybe, I might be missing you” encompasses the conflict of feelings of freedom and relief versus despair and regret that come from ending a relationship and is a testament to Liz’s ability to communicate strong emotions in a few words.

Once the framework of the track was complete, synth patches were designed by Matt Rosin while Lachlan Scott honed the drum parts. The band arranged the song together before Tom Briese (Aji) produced the final product. The goal of the production was to maintain the vibe of classic shoegaze while considering modern cross genre influences.

The new sonic tangent and bold name change also signifies the group shifting into a more mature phase of their journey with more experience behind the desk and constant life challenges helping to shape SGO into the refined dreampop outfit before us today.

"This song is about feelings of isolation and a lack of control around where my life is heading," says Liz. "In the first verse there's a line about an empty bookcase which symbolises loneliness as the bookcase was once full."

"Lyrically, the track doesn’t resolve either," adds Kris. "The final line could’ve been either “It’s the start of something new” or “I might be missing you”. We opted for the latter as the perspective we were writing from wasn’t intended to be a rational or hopeful one. We wanted to convey a very human response, which was to ignore the events that led to the breakdown and to focus on what once was."


  1. Bookcase [3:51]
  2. Bookcase (Monster Monster Remix) [2:40]
  3. Bookcase (gartr0n Remix) [3:40]
  4. Bookcase (PRLR x Soft Nylon Remix) [2:26]
  5. Bookcase (Sanfeliu Remix) [4:51]
  6. Bookcase (YEARNS Remix) [5:11]
  7. Lavender Sky [3:11]

Format: CD single, digital