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Simon Welchman


The Double Happiness

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The second single from The Double Happiness’ debut album tells the story of a little island off the Brisbane coastline. It’s an attempt to evoke that freeing feeling of leaving the mainland – the breeze, the seabirds, the lapping waves.

Here we are on a ferry, staring into the gentle waters as a thousand jellyfish do their thing. There’s a feeling you get on a ferry to Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island or that little one, Coochiemudlo Island.

We caught a ferry where the dugongs swim
He sat next to her she sat next to him
We found ourselves on a darker sand
Coochiemudlo is another land

Coochiemudlo Island is a gentle place, a quiet place, a place to get away.

The lapping of waves sent us to sleep
The tide was rising above our feet
Coochie coochie the seabirds scream
An Island has entered into my dream

They don’t hold surf carnivals on Coochiemudlo Island.
Coochie’s big brother Straddie hogs all of the waves to himself.

Low waves
Coochiemudlo waves

“Years ago, friends who spoke excitedly about Coochie took me there for a day-trip,” says guitarist Pete Fergusson. "Coochie is an eccentric little character and a very likeable one, so it makes sense that the surf guitar licks have been slowed down a little, amplifying emotions with its soaring outro. It may not be a dance floor hit but 'Coochiemudlo' hopes to hold your hand and take you on a little journey."

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