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Grace Taylor

Creatures of Habit


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Aren’t’s debut release Creatures of Habit is a quiet, captivating return to music for Meanjin-based musician Fionn Richards.

The record features four songs written at different points over the past six years. Each song is a reflection of the time in which they were written, with ideas discussed such as the complex nature of a person owning an action; the at once nostalgic and teasingly ephemeral nature of love; reaching the point of needing to break ties with people who are close to you; seeing through and trying to find light in damaging relationships.

These songs are lifted by an incredible group of musicians - Helen Franzmann (McKisko, Mess-Esque), Georgia Harvey (Yffer, Seagull, Cold Hands Warm Heart) and Cameron Smith (Spirit Bunny, St. Augustus, Ghost Notes, Terra Pines).

A short run of 30 tapes will also feature a B-side of three pieces of poetry written and read by Fionn.


  1. The Black From The Dark (with McKisko) [1:41]
  2. For Love (with Georgia Harvey) [3:27]
  3. I Guess I've Figured It Out [3:03]
  4. Creatures of Habit (with Cameron Smith) [4:54]

Format: cassette*, digital

*features three exclusive poems written and read by Fionn on the b-side.