artwork by

Urtzi Rodriguez

Eastern Warrior

Endless Valley

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Eastern Warrior’ is a captivating fusion of heavy psychedelic rock and world music that takes listeners on a journey through the ancient mystical landscapes of Nayivada.

The song's driving rhythm and powerful vocals are enhanced by a rich tapestry of instruments, including exotic percussion, hypnotic guitar riffs and soaring melodies that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. A mesmerizing sonic experience that showcases the band's unique sound and creative vision that fans of global music and psychedelic rock alike are sure to be drawn into.

This is a piece that has morphed and grown over 7 years, with various members leaving their stamp on it, but the title and essence have always remained the same. Originally written on a rainy day, praying for the sun, the track began as a chant and grew into a sun dance.

‘Eastern Warrior’ features a variety of languages, including Nayivadan, the native tongue of their home planet.
“I visit this planet in my dreams,” states Luna, “It is the music of the soul.”

Format: digital single