artwork by

Eli McNeill


The Holy Rollercoasters

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The Holy Rollercoasters' new EP sees the naturally high-energy octet take their collective foot off the gas to deliver an ultra smooth collection of songs steeped in their trademark good-time soul and playfully thoughtful exploration of the world around us.

Embrace moves away from the darker aspects of human nature, as explored in their previous EP Bathe, toward the decidedly more domestic side of love and loss. These are vignettes of life's quieter moments; a concoction of smooth, inflected soul, sing-along choruses and heartfelt examinations of complex emotions.


  1. I Never Thought I Would Again [3:10]
  2. Anhedonia Nights [2:29]
  3. Away From Harm [3:37]
  4. I Knead The Dough [3:27]
  5. Shouting Your Name [2:55]
  6. Lost Myself In You [5:11]
  7. Best Thing I've Ever Done [3:12]

Format: cassette*, CD, digital

*cassette features a b-side of stripped backed versions of all 7 tracks.

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