artwork by

Marc Cheeseman

Get My Money Back


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The song captures the pressure-cooker feeling of watching a summer storm approach on a hot afternoon, waiting for that sweet relief when the rain finally descends. As another scorching workday ends and those heavy grey clouds roll in, it’s time to put the tools down, wipe the sweat from your brow, and get your money back.

“I used to work at this warehouse in Morningside", reminisces Marc Cheeseman (vocals, guitar), "It was a sweaty job. I always seemed to finish work right as the storms in summer were just hitting. I’d go out the back in the afternoon about half an hour before finishing and see this huge ominous storm approaching and think ‘damn, I’m going to get drenched on the way home’. Happened every time.”

‘Get My Money Back’ represents a seasonal change in attitude. The oppressive heat of a fresh Brisbane summer is enough to make anyone want to rattle some cages. The new track is intense, sweaty, humid and smells faintly of XXXX Bitter.