artwork by

Emily Puxty



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SGO return with their electrifying new single 'Glimmer,' marking an exciting shift toward darker pop-infused sounds. The single boldly propels the band into heavier territory, drawing inspiration from classic shoegaze elements while retaining their innate pop sensibility.

Following June’s release of ‘Pieces of You’, where the they had reflection in mind, 'Glimmer' provides an unshackling from introspection. As the band explores raw, guitar driven production, the new single captures the liberation from inner turmoil and the optimism that follows.

The track breaks away from previous themes introduced in ‘Bookcase’ and ‘Pieces of You’ to provide a fresh sense of optimism and outlook on the future. Sonically, the track sees the band revisit their roots as has been the theme since the band redirected their sound. Stripping down the production and allowing the focal points of raw, unapologetic walls of guitar shine, the track allows listeners to be engulfed by an unbridled soundscape.

Once again revisiting alternate open guitar tunings to create space and brightness, the utilization of tremolo arms on the guitars have been reintroduced to add texture and shimmer to the landscape. Further, the utilization of the male & female vocal layering adds warmth and depth allowing it to shine through the driving guitars.

The refined simplicity in instrumental and production choices shows the dreampop outfit’s evolving maturity by emphasizing subtraction while highlighting key moments. Furthermore, the production choices of Tom Briese elevates the track from being boxed into traditional shoegaze production styles by adding modern pop inspired production.

Format: digital single