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Morbal Trusk

Here Cometh The Necrotusker

Morbal Trusk

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Inspired by the great Acoustic Black Metal movement of the late 90s, in particular Seth Putnam and Josh Martin's Impaled Northern Moonforest, Morbal Trusk was moved to try and replicate their exceedingly lo-fi and brutal stylings but fell short; it was simply impossible to create anything as trve and kvlt as INM.

Instead, another beast entirely exuded forth. On top of the acoustic guitar, knee slaps and vocals format canonised by INM, Morbal Trusk introduced the elements of percussive pots, pans and tupperware, organ, spoons, bass and even the odd horn. The result is something as equally aversive but arguably more melodic, with some passages even invoking delightful whimsy.

This release came to be as I (John) was a fan of INM back in their heyday and came across Morbal Trusk's offerings in 2007 as a result. Upon learning they were also from Brisbane I reached out to let them just to let them know how much I enjoyed their take on the genre. We had a few odd email exchanges and that was it.

In early 2020 I was revisiting some of their recordings and on a whim tried their old email. As luck would have it it was still in use and after many more interesting exchanges, here we are, with Morbal Trusk's first official release!

The material on this album has been taken from some of the six demo releases produced between March 2007 and February 2008.

The first two demos were recorded on an iRiver T10 mp3 player.
'Rob's Rissoles' was a random one-off recording made in 2012.

The identity of Morbal Trusk is unknown.
My request for lyrics has been denied, twice.
This is everything I know about the project.