artwork by

Caitlin Finn

Illusions / Isolating


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'Illusions' is a bass and synth-driven psychedelic fugue; a single voice hangs in the air, calling out through an interleaved bass and organ, haunted. Inspired by Tarkovsky’s Solaris, the lyrics evoke the image of an ocean that can manifest people’s memories as hallucinations. The song explores a gap between fiction and reality within which the subject perdures, haunted by the whistling hallucinations and whirling visualisations manifested by the still, silent, omniscient ocean.

'Isolating' explores a decaying relationship caused by a disintegrating individual who isolates themself from reality and the people who love them. Evoking themes of abuse and trauma, Isolating began life as a sketch featuring a simple bass line and Covid-ravaged vocal cords. It evolved into a fuzzing '90s grunge wail, climaxing in a harrowing plea: an increasingly anxious call through a wall of impenetrable isolation.


  1. Illusions [3:28]
  2. Isolating [4:56]

Format: digital

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