artwork by

Amber Ramsay

[indistinct chatter]

Noir et Blanc

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This Cloud Tangle side-project sees Amber creating lush and whimsical piano pieces brushed with her unmistakable touch of darkness interplaying with light.

Inspired by black and white film and score, Noir et Blanc’s debut EP [indistinct chatter] is available as a run of very limited cassette tapes, adorned with an exclusive b-side track.


  1. [explosions] [3:49]
  2. [birds cry] [2:28]
  3. [band instrumental interlude playing] [2:36]
  4. [indistinct chatter] [1:44]
  5. [lights a cigarette] [3:32]
  6. [organ plays]* [2:45]

Format: cassette, digital

*exclusive b-side on cassette version only

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