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André Bonetti



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Greshka, the high-energy five-piece ensemble with a batshit crazy take on traditional gypsy music that have been taking festival stages hostage for the better part of a decade, return with their 3rd studio album Inebriation.

Known for their absurdist compositions and rowdy live performances, Greshka take their cues from Romanian gypsy music, Hungarian folk, Balkan and klezmer with their new release seeing the addition of even more outrageous elements like metal, classical, jazz-funk and... synths, a lot of synths.

“I’m proud to say this album is our most bonkers yet!” ruminates composer and cimbalom player André Bonetti. “There’s some hectic Balkan-disko, there’s a song about drinking the fluff you find in your bumcrack, there’s a nose-flute interlude and it’s got synths. The synths are real exciting. We’ve got Russian vocalist Zulya Kamalova on an electro-psychedelic take on the traditional Serbian number ‘Mesecina’. The title track goes for 20 minutes. Yeah. It’s all pretty slam-dance!”

‘Inebriation’ is available on CD and super limited edition cassette.


  1. Fishbah Fandangus Fergusons' Famous Fancy Fountain [8:15]
  2. To Prune A Triffid [3:16]
  3. Bumfluff Cocktail [4:02]
  4. BiPolish [5:13]
  5. Modern Major-Minor Gaemparale [3:16]
  6. Mesecina (ft. Zulya) [4:36]
  7. If You Write Music About Binge Drinking Rethink Your Life [1:04]
  8. Gipsie Tears Pt2: Inebriation [21:15]
  9. Smoked Salt [4:04]

Format: cassette, CD, digital