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Carles Gutierrez-Sanfeliu

Lonely Village


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'Lonely Village’, a punchy slice of electro-pop that recalls some of Sanfeliu’s teenage bedroom heroes: Bowie, Human League, Magnetic Fields, New Order. Taking a sojourn to his native Spain to explore some of the content and sounds that inspired the single and better process those emotions bore fruit in the form of a full and lush sound fleshed out with multi-layered synths, dense Moog bass, electric piano and enchanting vocals.

The village is populated by 6 incredible remixes by fellow Meanjin producers/artists: Paprika, MJ O'Neill, Sherman and Field, YEARNS, Mekema and gartr0n.


  1. Lonely Village [3:58]
  2. Lonely Village [YEARNS Lost in Lanes Remix) [4:22]
  3. Lonely Village (Paprika Balearic Beach Piano Remix) [6:38]
  4. Lonely Village (Mekema Secluded Remix) [4:58]
  5. Lonely Village (gartr0n Untitled Remix) [3:13]
  6. Lonely Village (Sherman and Field Salvation Remix) [6:31]
  7. Lonely Village (MJ O'Neill Agrarian Tragedy Remix) [3:57]

Format: digital

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