artwork by

Nozomi Omote, Thomas Green

Meet The Sun


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'Meet The Sun' features Meanjin/Brisbane vocalist Shêm Allen, who has performed with Nonsemble, Skinny Jean and Yr Familiar.

Shêm’s distinct, unguarded and unaffected tone is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, and on this track he lends Shugorei an entrancing, expressive depth.

Nozomi Omote, the analogue/acoustic half of Shugorei, is the inspiration for this track that speaks to artistic risk and bravery. Noz immigrated from Japan to Brisbane, by herself and at a young age, to immerse herself in a new life as a musician and artist - a bold and inspiring undertaking by anyone’s standard.

'Meet The Sun' celebrates the risks artists take to pursue their dreams. Like many Shugorei songs, the message is delivered bilingually (here, in English and Japanese). It is also embellished by a lush string arrangement, performed by members of Black Square Quartet.

format: digital single

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