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Midjourney (AI generated), Marc Cheeseman

More To Come


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Meanjin/Brisbane psych-folk-indie-rock group Fingerless are not ones to stick to any single style. After pulling dungeon/dark synth, psych pop, and an epic ballad (cover) out of the hat last year, they return in 2023 with a cynical take on the rose-coloured glasses “love conquers all” trope.

It’s a love song really, in its broadest sense, but it’s also about life and how we can’t always prepare for everything. Life and love are not fairy tales, there are ups and downs the whole way through—there is no happily ever after, there is only now.

The idea for the song’s themes came from the phrase that you see at the end of a lot of ABC News articles: “More to come...” Like, we know. That’s why we read the news and not the olds.They do make a good point though - there is always more to come. The world is always changing around us and we have to respond to it. On top of that, as individuals we’re always changing, and we make changes wherever we go. Nothing is static.

format: digital single