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Nadeem Tiafau

Negative Space

Local Authority

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Beginning in reverse, Local Authority was originally the ambient-shoegaze recording project of Brisbane artist Jacque McGill. With the desire to manifest and communicate the music into the physical world, friends and fellow members Rhos Pridham, Lachlan Andrews and Erica Sunnex joined together to complete the group in 2018. By 2019 the group has played only a small handful of shows throughout Brisbane’s usual haunts and dives, always with their signature style of obliterating mood and texture into every unoccupied crevice possible.

Following on from previous single releases comes Local Authority’s debut record Negative Space. The record itself is a harrowing testament of self-reflection, written and recorded across a four-month period, a hypnotic exploration touching on themes of isolation, desperation and madness. “I tried to write as honestly as possible without censoring myself, looking inward rather than outward. It was a pretty cathartic experience really” says McGill.

The sound of Negative Space revolves around the band’s love of the many alternative 80’s UK scenes and the more modern dreampop sound. Spinning an equally luscious dark and dreamy web, Negative Space will impress and depress.


  1. Call [4:28]
  2. Oil Rigs [4:53]
  3. No Joy [4:35]
  4. Wait [6:53]
  5. Marine Flowers [5:14]
  6. Dust [4:55]
  7. Disintegration Fever [4:21]

Format: cassette, digital