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North Of Capricorn

Lite Fails

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North of Capricorn is a pastel postcard from a tropical dream. It is a travelogue created for a time of quarantine, a soothing sound journey for a time of anxiety. All tracks were made using field recordings collected by Henry Reese on a road trip through North Queensland in December 2019. Revisiting these recordings from isolation in Melbourne, Henry’s tropical journey grew into something weirder and larger than life, a magical realist sketch of a diverse and dark place with a troubling history, where fantasy and reality intersect.

This album is a reflection on how tropical Northern Australia is often misunderstood by southerners. It is also a record designed for relaxation and mental journeying at an uncertain time. Lite Fails’ debut album The End of the World has Already Happened (Flaming Pines, 2020) was a record about fire, created at a time of environmental crisis. North of Capricorn is a very different beast. This is water music.

All field recordings were made on stolen land. We gratefully acknowledge the Gimuy-Walubarra Yidi, Yirrganydji, Yuibera, Butchulla and Gubbi Gubbi peoples. All mixing took place on the land of Turrbal and Jagera peoples in Meanjin ("Brisbane") and on the lands of the Kulin Nation in Narrm ("Melbourne").


  1. Coral Pools [6:39]
  2. Seek Shade [3:07]
  3. Marlborough Stretch [1:47]
  4. Fruit Doves [4:43]
  5. For Hiroshi [12:00]
  6. Rille [26:00]

Format: cassette, digital