artwork by

Elijah McNeill


The Holy Rollercoasters

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What if Homer’s Odyssey was set in an apocalyptic post-civil war Australia?

The Holy Rollercoasters' Andrew Garton and Jimi Beavis imagined exactly that with their futuristic indie soul retelling of the classic poem.

The album sees the octet stretching their previous production experience as well as the bounds of their genre milieu. Across these ten tracks we traverse the terrains of psychedelia, hard funk and blues-rock - sometimes all in one song ('Eat The Lotus'); channel early Nick Cave ('The Worst Years Of My Life'), manic bop and punk meets hip-hop and spoken word ('Blood In The Dust') and ambience devolving into explosive percussion ('Let The Olive Branches Sway').


  1. When You Coming Home? [3:57]
  2. Not Another Word From You [2:28]
  3. Tears, Heartaches and Sighs [2:41]
  4. Eat The Lotus [6:52]
  5. Hold On, Don't Let Go [3:10]
  6. Sirens, Perils and Pleasures [2:38]
  7. Hear What The Heart Has To Say [3:54]
  8. The Worst Years Of My Life [4:27]
  9. Blood In The Dust [3:40]
  10. Let The Olives Branches Sway [4:31]

Total playing time: 39 minutes

Format: LP, digital