artwork by

Elijah McNeill

Odyssey II

The Holy Rollercoasters

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The Holy Rollercoasters are ready to put the psych in your soul with Odyssey II, the second installment of their epic Odyssey retelling!

Hereafter wandering through the haze searching for truth, our hero's journey for home begins.

The octet's quest gets weird as they add a heady dose of psychedelia to the their already potent mix of funk, soul and blues. Mirroring Odysseus’ wanderings and his eventual turn for home,

The Holy Rollercoasters set out alongside the trauma-affected “Otis” (our funky Odysseus) for 'Eat The Lotus’, an equal parts Americana, psych rock and mid-60s RnB trip, then trudge on with the stark funk explosions of 'Hold On Don’t Let Go' and close out their Odyssey II EP with 'Hear What The Heart Has To Say’, a straight-up vintage soul jaunt.


  1. Eat The Lotus [6:52]
  2. Hold On Don't Let Go [3:07]
  3. Hear What The Heart Has To Say [3:52]

Format: digital

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