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Bronte Mark

On A Clear Day / What The Bellbirds Were Saying

Lite Fails

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After the quiet successes of 2020's The End of The World Has Already Happened and North of Capricorn as well as this September's live release 'With The Tools At Hand', Lite Fails (Henry Reese) returns with two intertwining tunes based around the organic rhythm that exists in our natural world and the imperfections and glitches that flow from their interface with the digital.

These pieces were recorded in September of 2021 as winter gave way to spring. They were created using processed field recordings from Enoggera Reservoir plus an old classical guitar found at Henry's parents' house.

"The best part of being back in the place where I was born and raised is that I have the opportunity to slow down and get in touch with some of the most special places that have shaped me as a person." says Reese. "Especially the "Ressie" (Enoggera Reservoir) and Mt. Coot-Tha — the soundscape of these places is very important to me. When I was a baby, my parents would put me in a backpack and take me bushwalking and my ears have been full of the bush ever since. I've been shaped by these forests."

It is this impulse that leads Henry towards the rough, the earthy and the homespun in his music production.

The idea for these tracks came from one particular spot on the track around the Reservoir. "The whole forest is beautiful but some places are more active than others. There is a little glade that is absolutely alive with birdsong — I'm stunned at how much I can hear every time I walk through it. It's like a little orchestra of birds."

Henry left his Zoom recorder there and harvested as much sound as possible. The synth patch that makes up 'What the Bellbirds Were Saying' is made from a sample of the bellbirds in this glade.


  1. On A Clear Day [4:40]
  2. What The Bellbirds Were Saying [3:36]

Format: digital