artwork by

Aert Schouman

Ruffled Feathers (w/ Benjamin Shannon)

Flightless Birds Take Wing

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Ruffled Feathers emerged from jam sessions between original flightless birds Marike & Madeleine who invited Meanjin’s drumming superstar Benjamin Shannon along for the ride!

The album draws inspiration from various Australian birds, both flightless and otherwise, and channels that inspiration into a diverse yet cohesive collection of jazz, ambient and experimental infused tunes - all completely improvised in the studio, in one session.

Combining field recordings, synths, piano, saxophone, drums and electronics, their sound draws extensively from the diverse musical backgrounds and eclectic talents that Benjamin, Marike & Madeleine each bring to the album to further push the boundaries of their self-proclaimed ‘Tropical Ambient Bangers’ style.

As solo artists, Marike, Madeleine and Benjamin have created audiences throughout Australia as well as internationally through their extensive individual outputs and various collaborations.

Ruffled Feathers is a musical celebration of the trio coming together for a brief moment in time in glorious Meanjin, before Europe called Marike back for further musical adventures.


  1. Bell Bird [6:39]
  2. Bin Chicken [1:17]
  3. Brolga [5:12]
  4. Bush Turkey [5:50]
  5. Emu [3:17]
  6. Noisy Miner [3:14]
  7. Plains-Wanderer [5:12]

Total playing time 31:00

** Format: digital