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Fionn Richards



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Many Brisbane residents will remember Requin as one of the city's most impressive live acts and exciting song-crafters during their short lifespan from 2017-2020. Now sadly departed, we are very humbled to be entrusted with the release their debut and final album, Shark.

It is wonderful, intense, gorgeous and brutal.

Shark is an album about the complexities of navigating a social environment and the painful ways human connection can degrade and unwind. The push and pull of different sounds and angles underscores this struggle and ultimate hope for consonance.


  1. Rules That Won't Be Broken [4:45]
  2. Fall Right Into [3:53]
  3. I Don't Want To Do This [3:23]
  4. Man At A Train Station [2:57]
  5. Let Me Sleep [4:50]
  6. Time To Go [4:44]
  7. Sober [3:39]
  8. Silent Now [6:44]

Format: cassette, digital

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