artwork by

David Ramsay

she lives within me


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fhae’s third full length album 'she lives within me' is a retrospective exploration into the inner child.

It features 15 diverse tracks composed of ambient vocal-weaved soundscapes, angular acoustic folk and minimal electronic styles.

“This album is about the innocent yet dark and lonely childhood I experienced," says Ramsay. "Each track is extremely raw and personal and tells a story. It also features a song based on a poem I wrote as a child and a track recorded when I was a teenager. I think this album doesn’t need too much elaboration.”

01. I brush my sister’s hair softly so she doesn’t cry [5:49]
02. the footsteps get closer and I cover my eyes [2:33]
03. how can I get back there, please tell me [2:53]
04. my dad carries me to bed when I fall asleep in the car [5:38]
05. we stay and stay thankful [5:36]
06. go away [4:44]
07. I just want to know where we go when we die [3:09]
08. I will save all the coins in my piggy bank [3:09]
09. sometimes my sister sleepwalks but grandad says I sleeptalk [2:38]
10. we aren’t allowed to look under the bathroom sink [2:54]
11. when I lie in the backyard I can hear my sisters laughing [3:06]
12. I like to talk to the neighbours through a hole in the fence [4:53]
13. I wish that I could meet you [3:01]
14. sometimes I hold my teddy and imagine what it’s like to be a mum [4:13]
15. it’s always a long drive home [7:30]

Total playing time: 62 minutes

** Format: CD, digital