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Smoking Gun

The Double Happiness

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The Double Happiness always intended to release a thematic Surf-Guitar triptych: City, Surf and Western. ‘Smoking Gun’ is the lead single from the upcoming third instalment, Roadhouse due for release this September.

The single pulls the trigger on the band’s love of Spaghetti-Surf-Western twanging guitars and mixes the heady lyrical themes of near death experiences and romantic close calls into this saloon-ready wild west ballad.

Recorded and engineered by lead guitarist and vocalist Pete Fergusson, the tune features a call-and-response interplay of vocals with his real-life ‘pardner’, Kristin; in true Nancy and Lee style.

“This song has taken us on quite a ride from its inception,” says Kristin. “What is now the signature guitar riff originally had lyrics, the rhythm guitar was swapped out for a nylon stringed classical and a first for us was the inclusion of brass with the foreboding sounds of trumpet and trombone.”

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