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Brett Harris



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Lead track ‘We Are Made Of Stars’ is a cover originally written and recorded by Kellie Lloyd (Screamfeeder/Deafcult) and comes from her 2012 solo album Magnetic North.

“Our cover of We Are Made of Stars came about after being invited to contribute a track to the 4000 Records compilation House Keys 2,” says Lees. “The brief was to pick a song by another south east Queensland artist and of course I agonised over this weeks, and came very close to doing a Bee Gees song! However, in the end I revisited Kellie’s album Magnetic North and immediately realised We Are Made Of Stars would be perfect.”

Ghostwoods expansive and dramatic take on the Lloyd track slows things right down, with additional reworked bass, drums and synths and a desperate, yearning solo from saxophonist Andrew Garton. Taking on lead vocals for the track is Mia Goodwin, also known for her work as lead vocalist/songwriter in It’s Magnetic.

‘We Are Made Of Stars’ was first released on the House Keys 2 compilation in September 2023. The Stars EP builds a further 4 tracks around the song - two new studio tracks recorded in the same sessions, and for the first time two live tracks, recorded at legendary Brisbane venue The Zoo - a live version of ‘We Are Made Of Stars’ and an apocalyptic reading of ‘Spiral Up’, a track from the first Ghostwoods EP, Dark Moon.

“When we recorded Stars, I took the opportunity to revisit the track Dreamless from our My Neon album, in a much more sparse and hypnotic manner and it felt like it became a complimentary piece to Stars. Supernova is a remix/reprise of Stars and is a piece of musical connective tissue, like a little travelogue, leading into the two live tracks. I am really pleased with how the live recordings turned out, especially as the live version of Ghostwoods has turned into a much more intense and fierce sounding entity than I ever imagined it would.” 


  1. We Are Made of Star (feat. Mia Goodwin) [5:57]
  2. Dreamless Now [5:22]
  3. Supernova [2:33]
  4. We Are Made of Star (feat. Mia Goodwin) - Live [5:54]
  5. Spiral Up - Live [8:03]

Total playing time 29:33

** Format: digital