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Cloud Tangle

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Cloud Tangle offers sophomore album Swells with a drastic shift in mood and sound, one year on from the release of her debut album Kinds of Sadness.

Swells is dramatically brooding with dark textures and themes, while staying true to the artist’s expansive dreamlike space and movement.

The bedroom-produced album features a branching out of genre, reflected in the synth and drum-heavy timbres and the complete absence of guitar - previously being a central basis of Cloud Tangle’s sound.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Thom Yorke and James Blake, you can hear a more experimental approach to Ramsay’s production technique as well as the relationship between rhythm and melody. With lyrical content bringing a sense of discomfort and angst, the album will likely keep listeners on their toes. Despite the new shift in sound, Swells progresses the artists intent to consistently capture and carry you into reflective tranquility and offer the raw essence of DIY music.


  1. Swells [2:07]
  2. Sinking Feeling [5:26]
  3. Stare [2:08]
  4. Empty Company [3:14]
  5. Mechanism [1:48]
  6. Confined [2:58]
  7. Repetition [3:33]
  8. Gabriel's Dream [3:14]
  9. Feedback [2:48]

Format: digital