artwork by

Marc Cheeseman

Sympathetic Love


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‘Sympathetic Love’ asks “can artificial intelligence understand love?” and answers “yes”. Love is a messy concept, difficult to understand but extraordinary to experience. It’s considered uniquely human, beyond the grasp of a machine. Fingerless disagrees with this conventional wisdom. In ‘Sympathetic Love’, artificial intelligence comes to understand love under the guidance of humankind.

“Relationships are a process involving the interaction of (at least) two independent systems, states Marc Cheeseman. "Humans, electrochemical machines, have spent thousands of years living in large, complex societies, attempting to understand and improve how we co-exist (and we’re still not very good at it). As sentient artificial lifeforms, a different variety of machine, are increasingly integrated into our hypermodern society, there is a risk that the interaction of these new independent artificial systems will develop into a positive feedback loop; moving the affected systems away from an equilibrium state towards instability, and ultimately chaos. Don’t panic? Don’t feed back!”

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