artwork by

Urtzi Rodriguez

The Sun

Endless Valley

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Dynamic Meanjin/Brisbane' psych-prog-global quintet, Endless Valley return with their second single of the year, ‘The Sun.' Following the warmly received 'Eastern Warrior' in June, this latest offering is a mesmerizing odyssey that transports listeners into the ethereal realm of Endless Valley, guiding them on a transcendent Nayivadan journey.

Crafted with precision, 'The Sun' weaves together entrancing rhythms that gracefully entwine with soaring guitar leads and ethereal vocal chants. The song unfolds a narrative of freedom, drawing parallels to the life-giving energy that the sun bestows upon the world. Luna, the enchanting vocalist of Endless Valley, elaborates that the composition was conceived as if "the sun was communicated through music," likening the energy to the feeling of the light upon your face at dawn.

This musical voyage is a diverse tapestry of percussion, influenced by a myriad of world sounds, seamlessly interwoven with an array of psychedelic effects. Working in collaboration with producer Niyi Adepoyibi at Alchemix Studios in West End, 'The Sun' further explores the world's opened by 'Eastern Warrior.'

Although recorded using similar gear, 'The Sun' emanates a distinct vibrancy and intensity in contrast to the groovy and spacious melodies of 'Eastern Warrior.' Together, these singles unveil the expansive spectrum of Endless Valley's live performances and provide a tantalising glimpse into the vast musical landscapes explored in their upcoming album.

The artwork for the single radiates an otherworldly aura, mirroring the rising energy of the track itself. A collaboration with the visionary artist Urtzi Rodriquez, the cover art vividly illustrates how Endless Valley's music serves as a portal to otherworldly dimensions, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the mystical journey. The juxtaposition of the single covers for 'The Sun' and 'Eastern Warrior' underscores how these songs complement each other as contrasting energies within a harmonious sonic universe.

Format: digital single