artwork by

André Bonetti

To Prune A Triffid


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Greshka have been ravishing audiences all over Australia since 2009 with their torn canvas of traditional Romanian gypsy, Hungarian folk, Balkan, klezmer stylings smeared with electronica, metal, jazz-funk and classical brushstrokes.

‘To Prune A Triffid’ is the first taste of the band’s forthcoming 3rd album ‘Inebriation’ and takes us, at breakneck pace, through an absurd landscape marked with mountainous cimbalom hits, bellowing percussion and frolicking horns.

André (composer, cimbalom) read 'Day of the Triffids' and thought the image of a well-kempt triffid garden was hilarious. It’s a bit of a cinematic number - aiming to tell a story of sorts with jolting shifts in groove, texture & harmony. It was written at 300 bpm but drummer, Mitch, wanted to bring the tempo down to make it groove better. A real-life haggle ensued and eventually the responsible metre of 280bpm was settled upon.

The burp at the end is Yori, the bari sax player.
Seems to fit the bill.

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