artwork by

Amber Ramsay

Villanelle / Eve

Fingerless / Cloud Tangle

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Eve:"If you sleep with more than 2 pillows you’re a psychopath."

Villanelle:"A comfortable psychopath."

During the initial lockdowns of early 2020, Marc Cheeseman (of Fingerless) started writing a song about Villanelle - one of the main protagonists of the wildly successful BBC America series Killing Eve. From what started out as a cathartic exercise, exploring the antiheroine Villanelle’s particular brand of laissez-faire and belligerent individualism, has developed into a bona fide release on 7” vinyl.

When it became apparent the show’s 4th (and final) season would be delayed due to COVID, it gave Cheeseman some time to think about what to do with the track. After showing it to the band’s label, 4000 Records, they had the idea to do a collaborative release with label-mate Cloud Tangle, an equally enamoured fan of the show.

The result is a wonderfully balanced split release, with Fingerless’ ‘Villanelle’ steeped in foreboding, alluring synths as an almost possessed Cheeseman chants the song’s namesake.

Cloud Tangle’s ‘Eve’ on the other hand is a tale of longing and discombobulation. Ramsay’s hypnotic, ethereal siren song laments, “I’m tied to you / I can’t let you go”.

“For me, this song is about freedom from social norms,” says Cheeseman. “The line ‘I don’t want to perform for anybody’ (from the song) is not about performing music, it’s about performing an identity. Villanelle straight up doesn’t give a fuck about what people want or expect her to do. It may cause her a lot of problems, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is free."

“Eve radiates a contrasting softness, the underbelly of her character,” says Ramsay. “There’s a ferocity and drive enveloping around this softness of collapsing into the chase of her desires, yet still masked by angst and zeal."

The split single is available on limited edition 7" vinyl with 50 red and yellow splattered wax and 100 black wax.


  1. Fingerless - Villanelle [3:34]
  1. Cloud Tangle - Eve [2:42]

format: 7" vinyl, digital