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Bronte Mark

With The Tools At Hand

Lite Fails

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‘With The Tools At Hand’ is a live set from Lite Fails recorded at The Bearded Lady in West End, Meanjin, on August 14th 2021.

An extended improvisation for synthesizer, acoustic guitar, laptop and yak bell.

After spending most of 2020 and early 2021 in lockdown in Narrm and starved of live music, Henry jumped at the chance to play a last-minute set on a Saturday night at the beloved Beardo. Almost all of his usual equipment was stuck down south in Victoria, so this set was cobbled together with borrowed and rediscovered gear.

"The night felt special to me," says Reese. "Some of my favourite labels (Touch, 12k, Mego, Room40, etc.) have made an art of putting out slow stately live sets from electronic artists. I've loved these moments of spontaneity and I’ve always wanted to try something similar. I've always felt more comfortable improvising than endlessly tinkering in front of a DAW, so this set feels truer to my vision for Lite Fails than my previous releases."

Format: digital